Re: Region control

Wes Jones (
Tue, 28 Jul 92 07:50:29 EDT

> There would also be a PILLAGE command, which would be similiar to TAX
> except that it would be something done by people other than a ruler
> to a province. It would of course be in the ruler's and province's
> interest to prevent others from pillaging the region.
> --
> Rich Skrenta <> N2QAV
This relates to a notion I discussed with other Oly players around our
office a while back.

Food for thought:
1) A mighty warlord, like a Dr. Pain, should be able to TAKE what he wants
from markets.
2) In raping and pillaging, they should also have the option of destroying
the city/town/market.

I've always thought it humorous that someone like Dr. Pain was rampaging
through the country side, killing everything that breathed, and yet, he'd
have to stop and haggle with the local merchant regarding the price of
longswords :) It's fun to think about, but it would make warlording too
attractive in a lawless society like Olympia.

However, leaving mayhem in his wake is the right of every mass murderer.
The city/town/market destruction could be temporary (a couple of months)
just until the local populace recovered from their 'doctor's visit'.

- wrj.

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