Re: A plea to list posters

John Carr (
Tue, 28 Jul 1992 07:20 EST

> _Please_ don't send out two copies of all your contributions, one to
> the list and one to the author of the previous article in your
> thread. This is completely unnecessary as I assume nobody posts to
> this list without also reading it and it causes the person you
> followup-to to receive two copies of your article. This list has a
> volume high enough not to need it doubled.

Well, I'm on a system with a brain-dead mailer (VMS). You answer to who sent
you the message, which in all cases seems to be the original sender not the
list. Therefore, it would take me a much longer time to post a reply to the
list. I would have to extract the message, edit it, send the message
specifying both, address and subject field (re: ...), hopefully getting the
subject right.

Not that I'm complaining. ;-) Would it be better to have the From: field be
the list address, instead of the To: field? You can have a Original-Sender
header with the original poster. This, of course, would mean that people would
actually have to read headers to get to the orignal senders.

John Carr

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