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Rich Skrenta (
Mon, 27 Jul 1992 23:44 EDT

Scott Turner:
> > A TAX <severity> command can be applied by a ruling force to the
> > province entity. It attempts to extract gold from the citizenry.
> What's the scale on severity? It should be something understandable,
> like "gold pieces per month per pop".

I was thinking a 1-10 sort of thing. How rough the tax collecter get
beating up the citizens for money. You can't predict how much you'll
get, you can only shake them so hard and see how much money falls out
of their pockets.

> Hmm. It's an interesting idea to make taxation a skill.

I wasn't proposing making it a skill. I'd suspect that a TAX command
might rely on a combat determination to see how successful the taxing
went. In any event, it would be important to tax with a reasonable

> To my mind, border control is a separate issue. I don't think ruling
> a province should automatically give you control of the borders. I
> think that should be accomplished by stacking troops with the exits.

I got rid of that model a while ago. We can always bring it back,
but you haven't convinced me. :-) It seems much simpler to rule
a region than to have to have separate forces on each border. Not a
realism issue, a playability issue.

> > One player could militarily control a region, while the "mind of
> > the people" was in another player's hands.
> I don't like this at all.

Neither did Steve. Basically, it makes sense for someone in charge of
a region to have the region in its faction. Steve and I really like this.
I was trying to think of some way to make the towers useful. Oh well.

> I know that taxing economic transactions in a region is difficult to
> implement, but it's a popular idea. I think it's more interesting
> than the head tax on the peasants.

I think it's popular and interesting to players like a True Market Economy
would be: fun to dream about, but it would never really work.

As soon as you have to resort to "...and the NPC traders would..." then
forget it.

Rich Skrenta <>  N2QAV

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