Re: Province ownership and other subjects

Carl Edman (
Mon, 27 Jul 92 16:17:09 PDT

Allan Flanagan writes:
> Ah, one point on this taxation. Namely, who collects the
> money? Most peasant revolts start by killing the tax
> collectors. You should have to have unit(s) that are set
> to COLLECT TAX [%rate].

Right. And while we are at it, lets implement garbage men, too. After
all we don't want our cities to drown in garbage, do we ? And mailmen
! And social workers ! The possibilities are endless !

Seriously, why do you need that ? I don't mind complexity so if Rich
implements them (or garabge collectors or ...), I won't object, but I
can't see them being worth the time spend programming.

> Evaders of taxes shouldn't be killed. (How often has that
> happened lately)

Why, you already have attack mode. Set attack mode to do whatever you
want to offenders. If you want to kill them, go right ahead.

> If the warlord is strong enough the evaders would be
> forced to pay or "imprisoned" x days ie forced to work for
> the state. The warlord would be able to set "punshment"
> for evaders. (Extra money, wendinprisonment, death)

Why so complicated ? You can always execute and free prisoner.

BTW, Rich (are you still reading this ?), one should be able to get
and put to prisoners as with friendly units. After all, how is the
prisoner going to prevent it ?

> All and all it seems that it gets quite complicated quite

Yes, but it doesn't need to be.

Carl Edman

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