Re: Province ownership and other subjects

Carl Edman (
Mon, 27 Jul 92 14:13:23 PDT

Jay Luo writes:
> Again, I would rate the chances of rabble without leaders
> against a lord and his soldiers holed up in his castle as
> being close to nil.

Thats right. Of how many successful peasant revolts do you know ?

> I think it would make more sense and
> also be more fun to make revolts require a player or
> controlled unit to deliberately start them.

And if there are no players around because you kill anyone who comes
with one region of your region ? Can you then tax infinitely ?

While I think that your proposal would probably be nicer, I don't
really know if it would be bang for the buck or fun for the line of
code, if you so wish.

Carl Edman

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