Re: Province ownership and other subjects

Scott R. Turner (
Mon, 27 Jul 92 13:28:32 -0700

A lot of the ideas that get suggested on this list have merit but
little chance of implementation. I suspect that Rich very much favors
ideas which:

(1) Use the existing command set.
(2) Do not have a high initial implementation cost.
(3) Fits within existing game mechanisms.

The idea of having "peasant revolts" over excess taxation is very
good, but would require a lot of implementation. You'd have to add
code to create units, make those units attack, etc., etc. That's why
I suggested having high tax rates cause peasants to die. It has the
same effect (reducing the tax base) but it's much easier to code: it's
population -= deaths;

So far, I think the taxation scheme which best fits these criteria is:

(1) Province control = owner of structure.
(2) Tax rate %.
(3) Flat head tax.
(4) Excessive taxing causes loss of population.

In keeping with Oleg's comment that 1 man can't rule 1000 peasants,
maybe province control should require 1 man in the castle for each 100
peasants. I also like restricting Recruit/Impress to the province
-- Scott T.

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