Re: Taxation system

Greg Scheidel (
Mon, 27 Jul 92 12:39:32 CDT

> There are many reasons for razing eg. if you are in a province with
> several structures and expect an attack you may want to move all your
> forces into the largest and best fortified structure, but raze all
> the others to prevent your opponent from getting fortifications for
> his own use. A level 1 or level 0 use for construction would be
> appropriate methinks.
Be that as it may, the point I was attempting (in my 10 minutes between getting
up and leaving for work) was that a raze should not be necessary just to move
your HQ. "Yep, looks like its time to burn the Town Hall again."

> De-construction should be quite fast compared with construction (4x
> as fast ?) and yield back half(?) of the stones originally used.
Deconstruction should be incredibly fast if you don't care about getting any
materials back; if you actually try to preserve the materials used in the
construction than you're not 'razing' it in any case.

Greg S.

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