Skill advancement through experience

Rich Skrenta (
Sun, 26 Jul 92 16:58:30 EDT

The idea of learning skills through use or experience is a good one,
and has been suggested many times before. Rather than adding an
experience parameter to the system, I'd like to give benefits similar
to study via skill use.

For instance:

Using a skill such a castle building, horse catching, mining,
etc. raises the skill 1/2 as much as studying for an equivalent
time would.

So if you caught horses for 10 days, this would be equivalent
to studying horse catching for 5 days.

If both a parent and subskill were involved, the parent would
gain a bit too, but in the same proportion that it helps worker
output (parent: 1/3 subskill: 2/3).

This bonus would occur for ASSISTing units as well.

Combat can't be USEd directly (at the moment. Some jousting or
dueling subskills would be nice). We have to be careful to avoid the
pitfall that Carl alludes to. We don't want players running around
beating up on little guys to gain points. Perhaps a bonus would only
occur if you were engaged in combat with a force that at least as tough
as your own, or the bonus could be tied to the ratio of the forces' strengths.


Rich Skrenta <>  N2QAV

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