Re: work/recruit and balance

Chuk Craig (
Fri, 24 Jul 92 15:29:24 CDT

Rich writes:
>You propose to double WORK's output to, say, 2 gold/day, but limit
>units to working for only 2 weeks out of the month, enforcing this
>with either a hard limit ("You can't work anymore.") or a loyalty drop.

>No one has proposed a good story to explain this; the feel is crappy.
>I want to know how Prenola will pervert this to double his income.

Oh, by the way, I actually like the 2 gold/day option, with decreasing loyalty. It
makes sense, and gives people enough money to do things like

set 0 idle "work; study 102 7"

Ok. Prenola's Perversion:

If you make loyalty drop because of my units working too much, I could just have one
unit in the stack, sitting around doing PERSUADEs all month long just to keep their
loyalty up. It does not take much money to effectively persuade a unit, the persuade
money would be a fraction of what I would be making from large units.

A hard limit is harder, and doesn't have any "realism" feel to it at all. I can see
the masses grumbling about working all month, but I can't see someone saying, "Gee,
it's day 15 now, we can't work anymore, the Gods forbid it"

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