Re: work/recruit and balance

Greg Lindahl (gl8f@fermi.clas.Virginia.EDU)
Fri, 24 Jul 92 15:12:28 -0400

If I may play devil's advocate for a moment (not that I do that much
more than that ever ;-)

Under the proposal a man can net around 15 gold per month, working
full time. So if you are working to earn money to train, you can only
train for about 5 days per month. Essentially, this removes work
totally from the "useful ways to earn money" category, and puts it
into the "how to avoid starvation category". I had hoped that my
work-2-weeks-per-month would avoid this, but...

> o FORM's dynamics should be similar to a one-man recruit.
> For simplicity, FORM will take seven days.

.... and gets cheaper. The effect on new players will probably be a
wash, since they're short on money.

One thing that does get strange under the new system is, say, combat
training. The man now costs 200 gold... that's the equivalent of
nearly 3 months of training. Changing the price of one fundamental
thing in the game is really a revaluation of money: the price of
training and equipment has fallen and the price of men has risen. The
result will be that players will train fewer men to higher levels of

I, for one, wish that the limits on WORK remained. Other then
warlording, the only player conflict I've seen happened more or less
because of a conflict over limited WORK monies.

-- greg

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