Re: Work and other $ related issues

Greg Lindahl (gl8f@fermi.clas.Virginia.EDU)
Fri, 24 Jul 92 12:35:22 -0400

On Jul 23, 22:21, wrote:

> For that reason, should a
> system be implemented that effects the loyalty of WORKING units, it
> should only effect SKILLED units. Unskilled units are meant for
> unskilled labor. Think of it as working for a temp agency.

When I work for a temp agency, I don't let them keep almost all of the
money that I earn. Right now, under ideal conditions, an unskilled
worker will earn 60 gold in a month and receive only 5. Under the
worst conditions I've seen, an unskilled worker can earn 24 gold in a
month and receive only 5. I can pimp for myself, thank you.

However, it's important to note that this is only an argument about
the realism of the plan. I don't give doodly squat for realism; the
reason that I propose things is for play-balance. And work is fairly
unique in its effect on the game because it's a way for masses of
unskilled men to generate massive money -- something that can't be
done otherwise (when the markets become limited).

> What I would like to know is what is so wonderful about he current
> system? I know it lets you "do what you want if you have the money"
> but is the freedom to pull units out of the air at whim if you are
> rich enough really a good thing?

Determinism is a nice thing. If I don't know if I am going to succeed
in forming a new unit, I have to plan a turn in advance. The more
things like that you have in Olympia, the slower the game goes. You
wouldn't want everything to become deterministic, but some balance is

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