Hiring independents

Philippe Duchon (duchon@clipper.ens.fr)
Thu, 23 Jul 92 18:20:08 MET DST

I like John Morrow's idea of independents for hire appearing randomly
and being the only way of making new units, together with limiting
and/or penalizing RECRUIT (with loyalty drops or something).

What I'd like to point is, we have to be careful with this: will these
units chose a master the first day they are offered enough money ? This
would force players to have their potential recruitors CANCEL orders
at the beginning of each month to make an offer on the first day, AND
bring back the problem of giving orders for the first month to a new

My suggestion is, have the independent collect all job offers, then choose
at the end of the month. You have all turn to make your offer (of course
you could be doing something that requires a long time, but I believe there
are no fixed-time actions that require more than 28 days).

Now the new problem is, what if your recruitor moves during the month, and
so is unable to pay the the new recruit ? I see two solutions:
* make it a requisite that you are still here at the end of the month to
hire a guy. "I'll consider your offer. Come back before the beginning
of next month"
* have the guy be hired, but with his wages (and probably high wages)
unpaid for the month, so he will lose layalty.

I personally prefer the first solution (if this guy you offered me a job
is gone, well, I'll take the next one on my list).


Philippe Duchon duchon@ens.ens.fr

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