Re: Olympia: Production Values

Steve Chapin (
Thu, 23 Jul 92 08:33:01 EST

I find it intriguing that many people who are on the internals list
think that we're trying to cripple the economy. Not at all, we're
trying to put one in!

Just because we limit resources doesn't mean everyone will be poor.
If we limit the resources at or above the current use levels, then
everyone can have their 1500 man units ;-)

So far we're hashing out the mechanism of the economy. The policy of
it is yet to be decided. I, for one, have no intention of turning
everyone into paupers. I do intend to provide some of the challenges
Wes is longing for...

For example, except for the occasional wandering troll, savage, or
faerie, there aren't any external challenges to the players. They
just sit around amassing armies and glaring at each other. Imagine
that horde of orcs heading for Drassa, or sea monsters, or dragons
sweeping down from the mountains. I want to give the warlords
something to kill besides each other.



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