Production Values and Territory.
Thu, 23 Jul 92 01:56:41 -0700

In case I missed some of this, shoot me, my mail has been flaky.
Here is my model thoughts for you enjoyment.

Here is my plug for Town/City not being a terrain type because it has
greatly reduced the Natural Resourses of the game.


A production map :

Forestry/Lumber :

Territorial Maximum : (Terrain value)-(population modifier)
City value

Possible terrains : Forest (10,000 units)
Woods ( 6,000 units)
Mountain ( 1000 units)

population : (12.5 * population value )

City Value : Town =1.7
City =2.6

So a Pure Forest would produce a max of 10,000 units / month.

A Forest province with a town and 150 population would be :

( 10,000 - 1875 )
----------------- = 4780 units / month.


As for skill, with what I am hearing, it seems funny that all the
Resource in an area can be grabbed at the beginning of the month, so
that none is left at the end, then it re-appears at the beginning of the
following month.

SO, what I propose is return based on Units available PER DAY!

Therefore if 200 units are available, and there are 30 days, then there
are 6.67 units available per day.

With 5 units "working" for it. MY answer would be this ....

a : 50men skill 1 units per day =2.5
b : 30men skill 2 =3.0
c : 10man skill 3 =1.5
d : 10man skill 5 =2.5
e : 1 man skill 10 = .5

( Assume that day/unit obtained = 20/(skill*men) )

So in 1 day the possible draw is : 10 units.

But since the land only supports 6.67 units per day the return is...

a) 2.5*6.67/10 = 1.67 units per day
b) 3.0*6.67/10 = 2.00 units per day

This insures that everyone gets less return on an overburdened economy
rather than having return based on ENTITY number (conspiracy of 5s), or
on running it out at the first of the month.

I think a factor so that skill further adjust return rate would also be
applicable. Like factoring in skill AGAIN when you calculate the final
units per day so that SKILL 10 gets a dis-proportionate amount of the
available at the expense of the skill 1 guys.


As for production values... I am only "qualified" to judge horses.. and gold.

I think the above changes "horses" should produce about 1000 on a perfect
Plains area (no population, no town, no nothing.)

I would like Horse creation to be a "secondary industry", where it would
only support small numbers, because capturing WILD HORSES is not a long term,
profitable venture.
Breeding became necessary because capture decimates the natural herds VERY
quickly. And since you have a BREED skill, small return on capture would
point people to breeding for profit, which seems more reasonable.


As for Gold, I heard noise about return changes.

I think right now, small units don't make enough.. 1 man can get a good paying

And large units get WAY TOO much. (see above table to adjust?)

Finding work for 1250 men would be tough, and Drucartan couldn't find work for
1250 men very long, at least not profitable work.

Say you add a factor so that WORK INCOME = base *(100-((men^2)/67,000)))

So that 1000 men get a 85% return rate (they get worse jobs)

And 2000 men get a 40% return rate. (They can't pay for themselves any longer.)

This also promotes an logical limit on individual unit size.

Actually I think 500 is a good limit, so change the constant to 25,000.

Anything more???

-Scott Cate

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