Olympia: Production Values

Wes Jones (wrj%eng.tridom.com@mathcs.emory.edu)
Wed, 22 Jul 92 09:36:18 EDT

Rich writes:
Back when the newbie killing was the Big Problem in Olympia, lots
of ideas were bounced around to "solve" it. One of them was to
let newbies have their initial wealth in a form that wasn't gold,
to discourage killing them.

The original idea would only let these FCP's be turned into skill
levels, but I think that if a clean syntax/system can be devised,
Steve's idea sounds great.

It sounds great if your a newbie. But what if your a character that
has just been beaten back by a hoard of orcs. You've got no men, skilled
or otherwise, little money, and no development points.

I've seen a lot of suggestions, but not much discussion of the problem
that we're trying to solve. Could someone please (Steve, Rich) attempt
to describe what's wrong with the current system and what the desireable
traits are of an Olympian economy.

But until then, my definition of the problem says that we should increase
the output of work back to the old level of a few turns ago, and then
make everything else better. I agree that work should not be a way to
get rich or become a world power. However, without a healthy way to make
money without skills, there is no way to bootstrap a faction (either as
a newbie or after some calamity).

I also agree that there should be no best way to make money. But in making
everything equal, as in Steve and Gregs example of level 8 miner vs. level
8 equestrian, just remember that with equestrian they just had to learn
one skill. With mining you have to also learn weaponsmithing (unless you
happen to strike gold).

BTW, my input on the problem statement:
We're in this for fun, not realism.

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