Re: Olympia: Production Values
Wed, 22 Jul 92 2:50:33 EDT

NO LIMBO AREAS. I think that is extremely counter to the concept
of olympia. This is based on some version of the real world. When
you get thrown out into the world, with a few bucks in your pocket
thanks to mom and dad, do you go to a convenient limbo area where all
you can do is look for jobs, and recieve free lodging, food, sex,
entertainment? I think not. Unless you consider college.

Seriously, tho, I think limbo areas are a dumb kludge to get around the
fact that newbies are fucked in the extreme until they figure out the

The problem I see is this:
Either you write so it's harder for the older players to get too powerful
too quickly, or you write so it's easier for the newbies. If you write to
prevent the older players from power gaming, you hose the newbies. If you
write to allow newbies laxities, then older players will take advantage of
it. THAT IS REALITY. You learn through experience. What doesn't kill you,
makes you stronger, all that bullshit. Whether it can be done in Olympia?
I dunno.

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