Olympia: Production Values

Tue, 21 Jul 92 22:08:38 EDT

Excuse me, people, but all this talk of units "barely scraping by" on "work"
neglects one simple thing. When players start playing Olympia, they only
have 7,000 gold with which to do everything. They don't just drop in with
fully formed trading networks, mines, guards, etc. Many new players depend
on "work" as their primary source of income for their first few turns. They
use this income to "feel out" the game and learn skills. If you take that
away, many new players simply won't make it and if they start falling into
the hole of bankruptcy, they will not be able to climb out. I don't know
if I like that. I think that simply making work a resource and making it
heavily dependant on local population or region type would do it.

Suggestions to come...

John Morrow - Varian [856]

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