Production tables

Bill Viggers (
Wed, 22 Jul 1992 09:49:05 +1200

For each task, I need two values: the effort per unit to produce (in man
days would be fine), and the total number of the item that can be produced
in a month by everyone in the region.

I guess this falls back onto what 1 'unit' is. I a unit of
lumber is a tree (seems logical) then a unit of stone could be
related to a 3' cube (about right for castles/pyramids etc ?),
gold is easilly just gold (but what about minting it), and
horses is horses.

I think you may want to include ore in here as well...

What sort of output in gold should be possible for a task in a month?
5,000? 10,000? Right now gold is about 30,000, which seems quite high,
even to those earning it.

It should be related to the costs in learning the skill ($) and
time taken to learn. Say working for a full month should be
enough to support your self in training for 2?


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