Lord and Master

Scott (scate@agora.rain.com)
Sun, 19 Jul 92 21:28:53 PDT

This Lord idea I like!

Know the mechanics...

If C swears to B, who then swears to A, and B is then killed....
C should then swear to itself... and any unit that Starts and Ends
a Turn without a Lords would then become an independent merc.

Just because my leader likes Mr. A, doesn't mean I like him.
(Just a picky thought...)


Next is the persuade thing... A man should be resistant to persuade when :

1. he is Loyal to his Lord (high morale)
2. His Lord is With him
3. His Lord is Better Than those persuading him...???
4. Decreased if his Lord has Tons of peons... because
he is just another lackey...

And more... but I gotta run..

But I like the idea. It allows secondary trees, but does not demand
them, thus it is an OPTION, not a requirement.

-sc2 : the D'Arc Man

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