Faction Trees

Russell Wallace (rwallace@vax1.tcd.ie)
Sun, 19 Jul 1992 22:54 GMT

If you really have a bloody-minded fixation on the gratuitous
introduction of faction trees, here's a couple of suggestions:

- Make subsidiary units of persuaded units transfer loyalty to that
unit's lord, without any change in loyalty (either an increase or a
decrease would be unfair to at least some players).

- Most importantly, have it possible to set things so that all units I

form will be loyal directly to my PC, even if my PC wasn't present at
the time (preferably also in that case leave out the loyal-to-unit
section on my turn report for my units, e.g.

if (unit.loyal_to != PC)
output (unit.loyal_to);

(to be sure, this means I voluntarily forgo the benefit of obfuscated
loyalty graphs).

As you can probably guess :-), I think faction trees should be left out

- Russell

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