Re: Faction trees

Steve Chapin (
Sun, 19 Jul 92 14:51:03 EST

John Morrow said:

>> Right now, if you persuade 1 unit, you get 1 unit. Under the faction tree
>> system, you can get many units if you persuade 1 unit.

As a veteran of T'Nyc, I see this as a *good* thing. It introduces a
level of intrigue not presently in Olympia. During one great battle
with Amadeus the Accursed, we had spotters all over the place and
traced about half his army back to being a minion of General Bal
Morgil. We then targeted the good general, and in a stunning display
of intrigue, we swiped a good portion of the evil warlord's forces.

I will say that if we go to faction hierarchies, I'd want to make
persuade much less effective. It would be too easy to steal most of a

This is probably a matter of personal taste, but I like the feel with
persuading faction trees.

An alternative is to not get all the followers of a unit; they swear
to that units lord (or go independent if that unit was a top level
unit). I don't like that.

The question that has to be answered: if we make faction trees
optional, who will use them? Why?



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