Faction trees

Philippe Duchon (duchon@clipper.ens.fr)
Sun, 19 Jul 92 19:38:20 MET DST

I like Rich's presentation of faction trees very much (excellent for role-playing),
but I think we should make it possible for people who really dislike them to ignore
them as much as they want : have a "default lord" (the PC) possible, so they
don't risk having lots of units breaking away in case one of them is PERSUADEd

Also, what would happen in case a lord died ? Would units' loyalty be transferred
to the dead's lord ? But what would happen in case of the PC's death ?

What I'd suggest is, transfer the lordless units' loyalty to their former lord's
lord, but with some loyalty drop. In case of the PC's death, consider his HEIR
(whether declared or "natural", I don't remember what was decided) as his
lord for loyalty transferts. You might even consider INCREASING the loyalty of
the units directly under the new PC ("Wow, my boss is becoming the big boss,
now maybe I'll become someone important!").

With this organisation, I don't think anti-faction trees will protest too much,
and we can have them...


Philippe Duchon duchon@ens.ens.fr

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