Re: Do X for n days

Philippe Duchon (
Sat, 18 Jul 92 22:34:13 MET DST

>For production commands, such as stone mining and recruiting:
>The current proposed syntax is:
> use X [days] [max]
> ^^^^^

Great ! I didn't know this ! Pity you didn't tell ! Maybe a few lore sheets...

>Which works for the specified number of days, or until max amount
>is obtained.
>I want to remove the ability to specify days, and set it at some
>reasonable default, such as the current seven days for recruit, or
>14 days for mining or forestry.
>The command would still quit after producing max amount, so you could
>put a cap on production.
>I know none of the playtesters will support this idea, but the question
>is -- can they live with it?
I do (I know I'm wierd!), but you'll have to clarify and/or debug things
like WAIT SYNC and WAIT SIGNAL. Oh, and something I never cared to ask:
if you interrupt an order with CANCEL or a finishing WAIT, does the time
already spent in the action count ? I mean, if I mine for 14 days, but
get CANCELed on the 13th, did I lose 13 days ?
>Rich Skrenta <> N2QAV

Philippe Duchon

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