Rich Skrenta (
Sat, 18 Jul 92 13:24:19 EDT

Okay, how about this:

Each turn a location will generate a number of potetial recruits
equal to 5% of its population. This will not diminish the
location's population.

RECRUIT nmen [bonus]

will attempt to recruit these men. The higher the bonus paid,
the greater the recruiter's chance of success.

I may sneak a days argument in there somewhere.

The bonus will be translated into what the skill code normally
would come up with. A typical worker puts out 100 effort points
per day. Recruit can be scaled so that gold->effort points.
This makes it all work nicely in the current system, and recruit's
effectiveness can be tuned with the tables. I like the bonus
aspect being in the player's control. It really pits recruiters
against each other.

Impress do one of more of the following:

1 sieze men from the local population

2 sieze recruits from the recruit pool without paying for them

3 cause the recruit pool to be half as large next turn

I favor #1. It has a natural long-term effect (although mild)
on the size of the recruit pool, and it should anger the local
ruler, if there is one. Thus, the ruler will have great cause to
be angry with the impresser, the other recruiters in the location
will have mild cause to be angry.

Rich Skrenta <>  N2QAV

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