Ravenscroft Songbook

Welcome to the Thomas Ravenscroft songbook! This webpage is devoted to singing the songs and rounds of Thomas Ravenscroft, who is perhaps one of the first people ever to have published collections of folk music in English. These tunes mostly date from the years 1609 to 1611.

Included with each link below is an image of the music, and a "learning quality" mp3 of a performance. [ No, I'm not a Laurel for my vocal performance skills ;-) ]



I bet you never imagined there'd be such a thing as a "drinking round." Yep, they exist!

Bonus Rounds from the Lant Manuscript

The Lant Manuscript dates from 1580, and is preserved on a roll of parchement in the library of Kings College, Cambridge University. It has a bunch of rounds also found in Ravenscroft, but these 2 are not in Ravenscroft:

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