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Email: [ok]
Frequency: weekly
Type: Rugby Union
URL: [ dead link ]
Costs: $29.95 USD per team per 6 months
Last-Update: 2009May13
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Firstly, some important rules:

* Orders must be received by 12.00hrs Saturday (New Zealand time) . reason being that it only takes 5 minutes to send in orders and All form Guides are sent out after each round , so basically if I do not receive Orders by the Deadline your previous orders Will Be used

There Will be No Exceptions

Orders must be made online at "Team Orders Page"

All games are run Tuesday/Wednesday New Zealand Time !

Internationals Are in Weekends

If you fail to send in your orders for four weeks, you will be sacked as coach and your team put up for adoption.

please take notice that at the bottom is a new stat for those who do not read the rules !!

the stat is the "STRIKE" which is

Strike 1 = oops you forgot your orders

Strike 2 = Are you on Holiday !

Strike 3 = Last chance to get orders in or you


* If you are going away on holidays you can submit orders in advance. This can include instructions on what to do with injured players

- please contact me if you need to do this.

1. Picking Your Team

The first thing to do is pick a starting 15 from your squad. You must list the entire team numbered from 1 to 15.Then also select 5 reserves numbered from 16 to 20

Picking your team is really the main strategy. Remember that all players in the team are important - poor players will have a significant effect on the team's performance. However, this could be balanced out by having a few star players in important strategic positions. It is up to you how you design your team.


Note that you are not limited to using your players in their default positions. If you decide that one of your centers would make a good Fullback then play them in that position. So long as their attributes are suitable you may find that this is a winning strategy. BUT if you use a back in the forwards or vice versa that players form will be penalized by 10%

Player Movements : There will be in WFR VI a new concept for player movements after years of WFR one thing stands out which effects your team and that is bad form .As health is rejuvenated a lot quicker than form , you will be able to release players because of their bad form BUT of course there is some rules on this option :

A) Players with form of less than 60 will only be considered for release by WFR Trade commission as a candidate for release under "BAD FORM Release" B) This player Must have had at least 5 matches in WFR VI with your team in regular season . C) You Must inform WFR that you intend to release this player and once doing so you will receive a player list of available players to choose from depending on how much salary that you would have available , you must also tell us which position that you would like your new player to be in ,example would be ,you are dropping a flanker but would like a lock to replace . We would then send you a list of all available locks. D) Again All Player Movements are at the discretion of the WFR Trade Commission

2. Choosing a Strategy

Currently, there are two types of strategies you choose - attacking strategies (five to choose from) and team strategies (five to choose from). You also have to choose a captain and a goal kicker.

2.1. Attacking Strategies

After you have listed your team, list your attacking strategy - Normal, Use Wings, Use Forwards, Use Halves, or Use Fullback. You may only choose ONE of these.

2.1.1. Normal

Use the halfback and centers for most of the attacking plays.

2.1.2. Use Wings

Spread the ball out to the wingers whenever possible

2.1.3. Use Forwards

Use the props and second rowers heavily in attack

2.1.4. Use Centers

The halfback and five eighth along with centers are the chief attacking players

2.1.5. Use Fullback

Bring the fullback into the backline as an attacking option

2.2. Team Strategies

Finally, list your team strategy - Normal , Tight , Attack , Defend or Open. You may only choose ONE of these.

2.2.1. Normal

Play a balanced game - focus neither on attack nor defense.

2.2.2. Tight

Concentrate on defense, but lose some attacking ability.

2.2.3. Open

Concentrate on Attack but lose some defensive ability.

2.2.4. Attack

Same as Open but a bit more conservative.

2.2.5. Defend

Same as Tight but a bit more adventurous.

3.2.3. Captain

You should also choose a captain. By default your halfback will be the captain, but you can choose any player in your orders. The captain's temperament will affect the way the team plays.

3.2.4. Kicker

This is the player who will take all goal attempts and kicks for touch.

Orders must be made online at "Team Orders Page"

full Player names must be entered or orders WILL be ignored ! Rabbit007


Played the game? You can send me comments to be placed on this page by writing But don't write me attempting to join the game -- write the GM, whose address is above.

Are you the GM? You can update your listing by writing If you have something new to say about your game, for example an opening for new players, you can create an announcement for your game.

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