Ultra Cricket

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Type: Sports Simulation
Duration: 16 turns/season, seasons start monthly
Frequency: 1/week
Cost: free
Status: In season 21, over 400 managers and 800 teams playing (Oct 2001)
GM: computer
Email: tim@ultra-sports.com [ bouncing email address ]
URL: http://www.ultra-sports.com/ [ dead link ]
Last-Update: 2001Oct11
Keywords: free, closed-ended, email, computer, sports, modern


This game simulates Tests and one day Cricket Games. Cricket is very common game in those countries of the former British Empire and has almost come to replace religion in some nations.

Each person takes on the role of Selector/Manager/Captain. You have a squad of up to 30 players from which you must choose a team for each game, train the players and decide the batting and bowling order and other team tactics. You also have some say in the pitch conditions. Each week you will be asked to select an XI to play in the upcoming matches. This will be called the team. You also decide whether on winning the toss you want them to bat or bowl first, along with the batting and bowling order. This is all fed into the Main programme which plays the match ball by ball. A ball by ball record is made and a scorecard at the end of each innings compiled. Statistics are generated and Man of the Match decided. Those players not in the first XI return to their "clubs" and play for them. Here you get a brief run down on their performance and any injuries suffered by the players during the week.


Never knew a more dedicated GM. The reports are on time, everytime, and the Classic Bat Company give 40% discounts to players! It's great fun, you get reports, play games and have test and one day international leagues, with cup and more. Read the rules and make your team NOW! There is even 'weekly wickets', a mail listing with loads of great info. -- "The Prism" <prism@cableinet.co.uk> 1997feb21


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