Third Millenium

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Frequency: three per week
Type: web-based space exploration and conquest
URL: [ dead link ]
Costs: $24/year
Last-Update: 1999Dec31
Keywords: commercial, closed-ended, www, computer, space, wargame, economic


Third Millenium is a SF Play-by-Web game involving up to 25 or more players, each a member of one of four different alien species and featuring a web-based graphical user interface, combat, diplomacy and economics.

When the Terrans went at last to the stars, it was under the most fragile of peaces. The Martian Rebellion was only five years gone, and the old hatreds and distrusts threatened to rise again at but the slightest of provocations. Few seriously expected competition with other species, so there was no impediment to the clamors of nationalism that rang in the parliaments of power.

But humanity was not alone...


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