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Type: space opera
Duration: ?
GM: computer
URL: [ dead link ]
URL: [ dead link ]
Last-Update: 2001Apr01
Keywords: commercial, closed-ended, email, gui, computer, wargame, economic, space


The publisher of Stars! is now out of business, but there are 2 fan websites still alive.


Stars! is a commercial strategy game for MS-Windows. (Previous versions were shareware, but no longer.) It allows up to 16 simultaneous players by email, bbs or network. The goal is to be the most powerful race in the Universe. In order to reach this goal, you first choose a race (reg. version allows a high degree of customization) and you start on a home planet. By allocating resources to research you can develop powerful technologies and build better ships to conquer the Universe with. Mineral management is an integral part of the game. It is similar in vein to VGA-Planets and Master of Orion. Works with Windows 3.1, 95, 98, and NT.


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