Serim Ral

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Type: Fantasy Wargame
Cost: 3.5-4 UKP per turn
Duration: closed-ended
Frequency: Different games have deadlines between 7/10/14 days/turn
GM: Mostly computer moderated
URL: (UK) [ dead link ]
Email: [ok]
Last-Update: 2009Feb09
Keywords: commercial, closed-ended, snail, email, mixed, rpg, wargame, fantasy


Serim Ral is a fantasy Play-By-Mail game involving 100 players who control Wizards, Fighters, Thieves, Priests and Rangers (and later on, Paladins, Sheriffs and even Demigods), each of whom can command your loyal troops to glorious victory or devastating defeat. Establish a world-spanning empire by erecting huge castles, building fleets of mighty warships, and crushing your enemy on the bloody road to conquest. The ultimate aim is to bring the very Gods themselves down from the heavens to wage war on your behalf, thus securing dominion over the realm for your people. The game has a great deal of depth, but is easily picked by beginners due to it's easy to understand, plain english order format. Turnsheets vary in size according to how well you are doing from about 10 to 200 pages.


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