World of Darkness: the Santa Cruz Chronicles

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Type: "Gothic Horrour RPG"
Cost: free
Duration: "open-ended"
Frequency: once every 4-6 weeks
GM: human moderated
URL: [ dead link ]
Last-Update: 2004May27
Status: Open on a limited basis
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, rpg, modern


This is an adult World of Darkness game using White Wolf's Storyteller rules. Players can be any one of a number of supernatural beings - or their mortal servants or hunters. The feel is gothic and it is run in a literary style - with players writing fictional moves moderated by the Storyteller and his assistants. Players come from all over the world and though participation is free, access to the game is limited and will only be given to those players and characters who we decide will best fit into our game environment.


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