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Type: fantasy role playing
Duration: open ended
Frequency: variable, 4, 7 or 10 day turns
GM: computer moderated
Format: email, snail, www, gui
Costs: flat rate AUST$2.00/turn by email, AUST$4.00/turn postal 1.80 pounds in UK
URL: (Europe)
URL: (player-run) [ dead link ]
URL: [ dead link ]
Email: (Europe; use only if new player or for ordering info or free starts)
Status: Four games running (Australia)
Keywords: commercial, open-ended, email, snail, gui, computer, fantasy, rpg
Last-Update: 1999Oct04


What's so special about Quest?

* Hundreds of players to interact with. * Thousands of monsters to fight. * Vast multi-level dungeons to explore. * Eight powerful gods to worship. * Powerful spells and miracles to learn. * Hundreds of items to buy, sell and experiment with. * Have up to three groups of fifteen characters. * 4, 7 or 10 day turn-around games. You choose how quickly you want to play. * Special holiday mode - don't lose anything if you go on holidays or lose net access for a period of time. * No waiting for a game to start. * 6 free turns. * Payment in any currency by cash, cheque, Visa or MasterCard.


I played Quest from when it first started, and I will not make any comments on the game mechanics, as it felt like I was playing a pretty incomplete game, and some still do. Quest is ideal for those players that likes to move around aiming to become more powerful than others so they can kick their ass. It is a game for larger alliance and backstabbing of weaker foes. But alas, now newbies can be safe from this as they can use an option to stay away from all player battles. Since I played, many minor features have been added and many bugs fixed, and they have even boosted up the monsters (When I got kind of tired I waded through 5 battles in a turn, first some 5 wyverns, then 11 giant spiders and then I don't remember, but point is that only one of my folks got bruised, and that was kind of boring) so you will have problems with 200 red and angry dragons. As you might see, I think this game lacks aspect, but there are many who find such hack and slash "rpg" games a lot of fun, so I will say no more. Try it out and find out yourself. -- Kjetil Friden <> (1996Oct01)

I disagree with the opinion by Kjetil Friden. A game is what you make of it. Quest is not just hack and slash but a chance to indulge in an RPG with players from around the world. I play in Australia with Dynamic Games and find both the game and service second to none. I run two parties and both have different ajenders. apart from the easy hack & slash style a party can own shops, run a trade route, forfill Quests, hunt treasure, search for the path of knowledge or anything really the game is only limited by the imagination of the PLAYER. That is my say.... (1998May22)

When I joined Quest I initially had the idea that my group wouldnt be tied down by Alliance loyalties and would wander freely making their own brand of wealth and fame. It didnt take me long to sign up to one though, and I am thankful I did. In reality, being in an alliance hasnt changed the way I choose to play Quest. My group still wanders the continent, picking up quests here and there and hunting down dungeons. The main difference is, the support I get from my alliance. Any alliance worth it's salt will help out a new member with a fat lump of cash, there is no denying this comes in useful in kitting out your group, recruiting new members and training them up. If you are lucky your group can also get some cast-off weapons and armour from fellow alliance members who have bags full of the stuff from a recent trip down a dungeon. In fact with help from your alliance members you can be kitted out in +1 to +4 gear through the whole party within a couple of turns.

But that's not all! Even though your alliance may not require you do a great deal as a new group to retain membership, you can find interaction within the alliance extremely rewarding. Need help on writing your orders? Can't find a town on the map? Want some help locating your quarry? All this you can get help with and within a short time can actually be helping your fellow members with. Even if it's just some like-minded souls you want to chat with, your alliance will have a group to post messages and chew the fat on.

OK, sounds good...but you can wait for the money to come and you can get help from fellow Indies or the Quest forums, but here's where alliances really come into their own. SQ's!! Each month your alliance will receive a set number of Special Quests. These quests are not the normal run of the mill, 'fetch', 'buy', 'kill' quests but are moderated. As a member of an alliance you can be called upon to accompany a caravan across a dangerous mountain pass, train some geurillas in urban combat or investigate the mysterious disappearance of a town official. Often these Quests will have a bearing on the Alliance's standing, reputation and wealth and can even affect other Alliances and cities. With these SQ's you can shape the world around you. Each Alliance can also instigate quests or actions each cycle and do things like build roads, transform landscapes, place party members in places of authority in cities or start businesses. The options are endless. As a member, you can have a say and play a part in all this if you wish.

Sure, playing an independent party is fun, but being in an alliance is better. Develop faster, meet more people, have an effect on the world around you. It's your choice, make the right one! -- Guyster, Oct 5, 2005

KJC Games
Thornton Cleveleys
United Kingdom

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