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Type: cyberpunk role playing
Duration: open ended
Frequency: 10 day turns
GM: mixed moderated
Format: email, snail, www, fax
Costs: flat rate 1.95 pounds (starter pack 9.95 w/3 turns)
URL: [ dead link ]
Email: [ bouncing email address ]
Status: 500 players currently active
Keywords: commercial, open-ended, email, snail, www, computer, space, rpg
Last-Update: 1998Mar02


Beneath the city of Electropolis lies the Labyrinth which is used in the most widely viewed vid show ever. That show is "Phantasmech" which is an adventure, a sport and possibly the ultimate in entertainment. Players are the controllers of their android warrior alter egos, Meks. A mek not only has to be armed to the teeth, it also needs a players wits to deal with the puzzles, traps and creatures that lie in the Labyrinth. The game has been described as `The Running Man and the Terminator meets Aliens in the Crystal Maze'. Meks rise up the league tables whilst amassing the kill points from the adversaries slain. They gain bonus points by completing special quests from Matrix Control and can discover greater levels of information with the help of terminal cards. In the background are secret corporate sponsorship deals. * There are over a 100 different weapon and chip types. * Over 200 creature types. * Thousands of encounters to be dealt with. * Constant game development since it started in 1990. * Winner of British PBMA Awards `Best New Game' 1991. * No waiting for a game to start.. * User-friendly `drag and drop' turncard available from the web-site. * Payment in any currency by cash, cheque, Visa or MasterCard.

4 Crescent Avenue
Thornton Cleveleys
United Kingdom

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