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Email: [ok]
Type: Epic Fantasy
Cost: free
Duration: open-ended
Frequency: daily
GM: computer
URL: [ dead link ]
Status: In playtest since Oct 2004 with daily turns; anyone may join this playtest
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, snail, computer, rpg, wargame, fantasy, opensource
Last-Update: 2009Feb12


[ Channing is not running games of Mysticora, but has made the source code and data for the game free for anyone who would like to run games. ]

Mysticora is a fantasy play-by-mail/e-mail strategy/role-playing game of epic scale. It is a universal system in the sense that it can be played with a variety of scenarios. These will usually be fantasy worlds with ancient to late medieval cultures covering the area of a small continent (e.g. Europe) and lasting up to a decade of simulated time (though being potentially open-ended). The games will be challenging to players in complexity of rules, sheer size of the game world, and story depth. It is therefore better suited for the veteran player willing to get deeply involved, than for the casual or novice player. The player will slip into the role of playing a multitude of game world persons simultaneously. In effect a groups of persons dedicated to a leader (the main character) or the cause that he or she represents. These persons will be heroes defeating terrible monsters, commanders leading fierce armies to battle, rulers caring for the welfare of their subjects, arcane masters delving deeply into the workings of magic, and many more. Therefore, a player's position may include anything from the single hero to an empire spanning the length of the known world.


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