Legends (English)

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Type: Fantasy mixed Role Playing and Empire
Duration: Averages between 48 and 70 turns. 30 turn fixed also.
Frequency: 14 days standard, with 10 day and 7 day fast games.
Format: GUI front end called Legends Turn Editor (LTE) free.
GM: computer moderated 99.9% with minor GM involvement
Costs: 9 p/order, minimum 4.30 pounds (UK)
URL: http://www.harlequingames.com/ (UK) [ dead link ]
Email: pbm@harlequingames.com (UK)
URL: http://www.ssvgraz.com/
Email: ssv.klaus@ssvgraz.com (Austria) [ok]
Keywords: commercial, email, closed-ended, computer, wargame, fantasy, gui, rpg
Last-Update: 2009Feb16


Legends is amongst the deepest games in the world, with games of up to 100 players which last for years, and a 400 page rulebook, plus modules. This is a game for the hardest-core gamer, and involves character play, economics, military skills, covert engagements, teamwork and diplomacy in order to win.

The latest module is called 'The One Ring' and is an official Tolkien setting, allowing the players to fight the War of the Ring, and even control powerful characters like Sauron and Tom Bombadil. (Legends is probably the only game system in the world that lets players control such characters!)

[See separate entry Legends (German) for a german description.]


I have played the Legends Game System previously and was unimpressed as the game had a few critical errors that really wrecked the game... but the code changes in Legends II have inspired me to play again. The game has the most complexity of any PBM game I have ever played and the cost has roughly halved now that is available on the net. Double Thumbs up!! -- Patrick Shaw <pshaw@netwise.net.au> (30Oct96)

(Nearly) all bugs are fixed now, and a lot of new features implemented. Still -after all that years- one of most the complex and fascinating pdm-games I know. Strongly recommended for those who want more than only some soldiers and productioncenters (called towns) to play around with. They've got flying warmounts, shipping on rivers, adventures for heroes and much more now ! -- Stefan Weniger <stefan.weniger@cityweb.de> (28Sep98)

Harlequin Games
Office B
340 North Road
CF14 3BP

SSV Klapf-Bachler OEG
Loeckwiesenweg 78
8055 Graz

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