Heroic Fantasy

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Email: games@flyingbuffalo.com
Type: Fantasy roleplaying
Cost: $5 setup, $3 per turn. Rules downloadable from website
Duration: Open ended
Frequency: twice a week, once a week, every two weeks, or once a month.
GM: Computer moderated
URL: http://www.flyingbuffalo.com/heroic.htm [ dead link ]
Keywords: commercial, open-ended, snail, email, fax, computer, rpg, fantasy
Last-Update: 2009Feb09


You direct a party of up to 15 fighters and magic users (humans, elves, dwarves, fairies, gremlins, leprechauns, goblins, even a troll, ogre or giant) through a dungeon maze killing monsters, gathering treasure & experience, and hunting for magical prizes. Your 15 characters can stay together, or split up for faster exploration. (Only one turn fee to move all your characters.) This game has been running since 1982, and there are a lot of subtleties in the game that won't be evident at first.


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