Global Diplomacy

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Type: strategic, economic/military, 19th century setting
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Cost: free
Keywords: free, closed-ended, email, computer, wargame, historical
Last-Update: 1999Dec24


In Global Diplomacy each player guides the destiny of one of the Great Powers of the late nineteenth century (Austria, China, England France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Ottoman Empire, Russia, Spain and the USA). Players must use thier politcal skill and cunning as well as their military might (armies, corps, fleets and squadrons) to become the dominant global power. This is a low complexity, introductory game usually requiring 30 minutes to do a turn.


Great game!!!! Easy to learn, but difficult to master. There is about 15+ games running at one time, and the GM is VERY reliable.

The game is similar to Diplomacy, but on a world map. Player start with different number of armies/fleets, and victory is dependent on % growth. You can play a small country like Austria-Hungary, with limited are of influence and few potiential allies/enemies. Or you can play England, who has possesions all over the world.

The game end when one player has achived 300% - 500% growth, or the game has lasted 10-40 turns. This is voted on by the players in turn 1, and not known. You get points for 1st - 4th place, so alliance often last to the end of the game. -- Oyvind Bjartveit <> (1996Sep24)


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