Extra Time

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Type: sports
Duration: 20 turn season
Frequency: once per week
GM: computer moderated
Format: email, snail, www, fax
Costs: flat rate 1.75 pounds
Email: Enquiry@KJCGames.com (use only if new player or for ordering info or free starts)
URL: http://www.kjcgames.com/etf.htm
Keywords: commercial, open-ended, email, snail, www, computer, sports, modern
Last-Update: 1998Mar02


Extra Time is a new football manager game that offers free setup. Players are appointed manager of their favourite team. They have to repay the board's faith in them by trying to win promotion or even to be crowned League Champions.

Extra Time features:

* Fully detailed match reports. * Two Cup competitions per season. * High quality turn results. * Individual tactics for each player each match. * Up to 3 matches per 1.25 pound turn. * Euro Leagues available. * Current up-to-date teams used. * Free `Of the Post' Fanzine each turn.* Great transfer system. * Scouting and sponsorship. * User-friendly `drag and drop' turncard available from the web-site. *


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