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Type: strategic economic/military, fantasy setting
Duration: open ended
Frequency: once per week
GM: computer moderated
Costs: free
URL: [ dead link ]
URL: [ dead link ]
URL: (graphical client) [ dead link ]
Status: accepting new players, 1800 active players, six years old
Language: german and english
Keywords: free, german, open-ended, email, computer, wargame, fantasy, gui, rpg, opensource
Last-Update: 2001Sep18


The largest German Pbem "Eressea" is now available in English!

The game is going into its sixth year and is still gaining popularity - today over 1800 players live in the world of Eressea.

It started on the basis of "Atlantis", but has been completely modified and improved and constantly new features are added by the committed programmers!

You start by choosing which race you want to play (currently 11 available - eg. elves, orcs, dwarves, demons, cats...) and which of the five magic schools your magicians will belong to.

On Sunday you get a report of your starting region and you can start to give orders to explore the world and its magic, to recruit and train followers, to build ships and various buildings, to meet neighbors to form alliances or wage war upon and much, much more.

Many of Eressea's players regard it as the best game in the world (so do I). I have been playing this game with the same tribe for two years and it became my number 1 hobby, try it and you might soon be addicted, too (fortunately it's free of charge and that won't change!)


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