DREAM SPORTS: Pro Football and Baseball Leagues

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Type: Lance Haffner simulated sports games (not required by participants)
Duration: open ended
Frequency: football (once per week); baseball (3 games a week)
GM: computer and human moderated
Costs: free
Email: kelias@weir.net
Keywords: free, sports, open-ended, email, computer, modern
Last-Update: 1998Jan18



DREAM SPORTS is a new e-mail league forming right here on the net for FANS who don't want to see the NFL football season or Major League Baseball season end.

Now, you can join and take part to make sure the seasons continue on.

Manage your own pro football and baseball team, draft your players and see if you can take them to the championship right from your e-mail address.

Games will be played using Lance Haffner's 3-in-1 Pro Football Game and Full Count Baseball Games. But that doesn't mean you have to own the game. All you need is a little time each week to turn in a lineup, game plan and you're set!!!

Everything is FREE!!! So, what are you waiting for? Join today. A football or baseball season will be starting soon.

Register or inquire to me at kelias@weir.net

*** NOTE: Leagues will be formed when enough teams have signed up. Other sports leagues available through Dreams Sports include NBA Full Court Basketball or APBA Pro Boxing (current, retired or fantasy boxers). If interested in any of these games, please send notice to the e-mail address above).


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