Darkness of Silverfall

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Type: Space Conquest
Duration: 20-35 turns
Frequency: once per fortnight (or week)
GM: computer moderated
Costs: FREE for Play-By-Email. AUS$3 for Play-By-snail
URL: http://www.users.bigpond.net.au/romagames/frntpage.htm [ dead link ]
Email: pcatling@bigpond.net.au [ok]
Keywords: free, commercial, closed-ended, email, computer, space, gui, snail, wargame, economic
Last-Update: 1999Mar15


Darkness of Silverfall is a 100% computer moderated PBM game of space conquest for up to 50 players.

Some of DOS many features include:

Realistic 3 dimensional unlimited galaxy.

Each game starts with over 1000 planets.

Unlimited number of ships.

50 different basic ship types.

150+ special ship types.

Customised ships also available.

Over 400 special abilities.

Many artifacts to be found.

Planet defence and ore production.

Each player may have 3 allies.

Over 100 special abilities to be gained.

100% computer controlled common enemy.

Playing area contracts in the later stages.

Small empires can compete with larger ones.

Common trading planets - all players meet.

Clear, concise and informative turn-sheets.

Windows and DOS base help programs.

Trade wars, Planets wars and Ring wars all hapening in the one game.

Logistics is the key to survive in this game.

Each new game has a new scenario.

Join forces to defeat the Dark Lord before your empire is dragged into the black hole, while expanding your own control over the collapsing system at the expense of other players.

Winner Flagship PBM award 1993/94 for "Highest Depth" and Flagship PBM award 1994/95 for "Highest Interaction".


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