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Type: historical (Napoleonic) wargame
Cost: 3-4 BP per turn
Duration: until one player or alliance dominates
Frequency: 2 or 3 week cycles available; each turn = 1 month of game time
URL: [ dead link ]
GM: computer moderated
Last-Update: 1997Jul23
Status: Currently running for the last six years
Keywords: commercial, closed-ended, snail, email, computer, wargame, historical, economic


Austerlitz is a detailed, complex multi-player Napoleonic era wargame. Each of the 16 players represents the head of state and military/naval command of a nation. The game plays on 3 maps, one covering Europe, the Ottoman Empire and North Africa; the second covering the Carribean basin; and the 3rd covering the Indian Ocean & Southeast Asia. The game includes strong diplomatic and economic elements, as well as the strictly military aspects.

Battles are resolved in two ways. Small battles are resolved via a mathematical formula, and results printed out in the turn report. Major battles are resolved via 'simulation' which amounts to a turn-within-the-turn wherein the involved players deploy their units on a seperate battlefield map and issue tactical orders to them. The battle is then processed according to the respective players' dispositions and plans.

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Tel: 01563 821022
Fax: 01563 820935

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