Adventurers Guild

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Type: Combat/Adventuring
Duration: Open Ended
Turns: Once every three weeks.
GM: Mostly computer moderated
Email: [ok]
Costs: $5.75 per character. Free trial turn for new players.
Keywords: commercial, open-ended, mixed, email, rpg, fantasy
Last-Update: 2007Jan19


Adventurers Guild is a PBM game of gladiatorial combat and fantasy adventuring.

In Adventurers Guild, you create your character from scratch, choosing from many different races and distributing development points among attributes and weapon skills. After fighting and gaining experience, you are able to raise the attributes and improve and add other weapon, magic, combat, and non-combat skills, as well as purchase items with gold earned through fighting or betting on other fights.

Each game turn consists of at least seven (7) battle fights against others of roughly the same power. There is no chance of permanent death or injury in these battle fights. You may then choose to participate in an additional challenge fight, or you can visit many of the taverns, temples, and other places of interest in and around the city.

Once you have enough gold to equip yourself and are willing to brave the world outside the Guild, you may team up with other characters or go solo to any of the many adventuring sites in the hope of gaining greater experience, gold, magic items, and fame.

The newsletter included with each turn contains the results of the battle fights, what's going on around the Guild, Warrior rankings, as well as the Message Board.

Think you might like AG, but not sure? Visit the website and you'll find details on how you can try AG out for free.


AG is everything that Duelmasters kept promising to add for the three years I played (adventuring, team fights, etc). You have total control of your character and his/her design. The customer service is outstanding. If you send in questions with your turn, you receive them with your results. The GM is constantly adding additions to the game to make it even better. If you like Duelmasters or the concept, AG is for you. --

Entertainment Plus More, Inc.
P.O. Box 2578
Appleton, WI 54912-2578
phone: (920) 749-1667

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