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Frequency: some stuff daily, some stuff monthly (for comprimise sake: "one per week")
Type: Fantasy Wrestling
URL: [ dead link ]
Costs: average $2/month
Last-Update: 2001Jul26
Keywords: commercial, open-ended, www, mixed, fantasy, rpg, sports


Shootclub is a text-based role playing game in which hundreds of players enter their own wrestlers to compete with each other in our fantasy leagues. Your wrestler's performance is based on your ability to choose an arsenal for them and to roleplay successfully.


Wrestlers are broken up into territorial groups called leagues. Each league has its own titles, matches, and rankings. New leagues will open as new players join the game. Slow leagues may be closed down if they cannot seem to get themselves going. Ideal roster size is between 60-80 wrestlers, but can get as big as 100.


All league matches are broken up into cycles that are one month in duration. Each month consists of 4-5 weeks and each week has 4 standard cards (house shows) for a total 16 or 20 cards per month. The cards are held on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Cards are split up into sub-cards to try an maintain an average card size of 8-12 matches. The sub- cards are labeled A, B, C, etc. Each active wrestler and tag team wrestles on each card. If your league has a promoter then there may be additional television and pay-per-view cards. There are also Shootclub-wide pay-per-views held every other month.


Matchups (who you fight) and Match Results (who wins) are both determined by our custom software. The matchups are deterined using rankings, fan alignment, friends, fueds and stables and the final schedule may not be ideal for all wrestlers, but the best possible schedule for the entire league was created. Your best control mechanism in this dynamic structure is by setting your friends and feuds. Each matchup is used for an entire week of cards, so your wrestler or tag team will only face 4-5 different opponents a month.

Match Results

Match Results (who wins) are determined by our software using each wrestler's strategy (the collection of their arsenal, style and abilities) against each other. The matches are solely determined using these attributes, no other human elements (such as promos) are involved directly. A more detailed description on how matches are determined is found in the rulebook.

Role Playing

Each wrestler can submit promos to their league. A promo (flash or role play) is a written description of your wrestler's actions or comments. They can be as descriptive or non- descriptive as you like. Promos are the best way to get your wrestler "over" with the other players in the league and also the best method for conducting feuds and alliances. They are also the easiest way to get you noticed by promoters and placed on the TV shows and pay-per-views. Promos are voted on by fellow players (you cannot vote for your own promo) and scored. The scoring of promos contribute directly to your wrestler's role playing score, which helps your wrestler move up in the rankings and also gain experience.


We are most proud of the statistical aspect of this game. There are stats not only for wrestlers but also for matches, stables, players, promos and tag teams. Check out the rulebook for detailed descriptions of all the game's statistics.

How to Win

Matches are determined by three (3) key attributes that make up your "strategy": ARSENAL, STYLE, and ABILITIES. Your ARSENAL is a collection of 15 unique moves from the entire move list of 75. Each move is of one (1) particular style type and is scored from 1 to 25 points. Your STYLE is the distribution of 10 points (same for everyone) over 3 style catagories: Power, Science, and Dexterity. The more points you have in a particular style, the more apt you are at executing moves of that style. ABILITIES are the 6 categories (Offense, Defense, Stamina, Conditioning, Brawling, and Tag Team) that you spread your experience points (XP) over. Everyone starts at 20 XPs but wrestlers gain addition XPs at different rates depending on success. The maximum XP level is 50 and the maximum score in each category is 10 for the major abilities (Offense, Defense, Stamina, Conditioning) and 5 for the minor abilities (Brawling and Tag Teams).


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