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Frequency: Every 2 weeks
Type: pbem soccer/football
URL: [ dead link ]
Costs: Free
Last-Update: 2001Apr03
Status: Waiting list (as of 3/06)
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, computer, modern, gui, sports, opensource


Spin-off of the EEFL for playing with rule changes. Slightly less detailed than EEFL in terms of player characteristics, but includes most of the basic and advanced (e.g., Player and Tactical conditionals) components. Matches are run with software (including match commentary, lineups, etc.). About 14 days per turn. Software to run a league is freely available at the Web Page.

The league has been in existence since 1989. Season 10 started in April/2001 with 3 Divisions.

A new version of the MSWL Software is now available called MSWL Olmec. MSWL Olmec is written in Visual Basic for the Windows 95/98/NT environment and uses a Microsoft Access Database.

The program includes the following features:

-Online Lineup Architect to create lineups

-NMR Lineup Creator (used by commissioner's to create lineups if a manager fails to send them in)

-Automated Processing of Matches (using Schedule Information)

-View/Update Schedules, Teams, and Players on-line

-Detailed Player/Team Statistics.

-Importing Players, Teams, and Schedules

-Trading Between Teams (Players, CP/TP, Cash)

-Player Auctions

-Creating *.ros files to be used by most manager as input into MSWL Lineup Builder (mentioned below)

-Automated Player Mid-Season and Post-Season Aging


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