Portland Aftermath! Campaign

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Email: scromett@verizon.net
Frequency: every 2-3 days
Type: Post-Nuclear Holocaust PBeM Adventure
URL: http://www.scromett.com/AftermathHome.html [ dead link ]
Costs: Free
Last-Update: 2000Dec03
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, space, rpg


In the year 1985, the tottering Soviet Union lashed out at the West with a massive conventional war, that within about two months turned into a limited nuclear war. After years of declining hopes and declining populations, endemic warfare, disease, and fear, an new state has arisen to unify North America: The United Kindom of America. Locked in an endless struggle with a resurrected and Byzantinely Convoluted Mongol Empire in Asia, an ambassador must be sent overland into the heart of Mongol territory to deal directly with the KhaKhan himself. A small group of adventurers must struggle through thousands of miles of the world's ruggedest terrain, dealing with dozens of potentially and overtly hostile nations, bandits, and factions. It will be very dangerous. My live players failed and the entire team was lost. Now you have the chance to succeed where others have died. Are you willing to take the challenge?

We are using a simplified version of FGU's Aftermath as the underlying game system. I will be making all die rolls. Players will be expected to make a minimum of 3 postings a week. The object will be to build a narrative of our adventures. Despite being rather well armed, your party will have to rely on tact, diplomacy, and guile to make it work. There should be plenty of scope for some great roleplaying here. The region you will be entering will have technologies from the Medieval period to World War II, so you will have to be able to deal with anything, from thrown rocks to tanks, so your minds will be your best weapons. Still, the king can be generous, and you will have a full selection of circa World War II era equipment to take with you. However, there will be no resupply, so careful planning will be needed.

I'm hoping for a mixed group of different ethnic groups and genders for the group. Not only does it make for interesting play, but it helps the group survive. The ability to write reasonably well is a plus. This game can get quite violent, so it is more suited for more mature gamers.

As new players join, they will assemble in the capital city and get to know each other, get briefed, and choose their gear.


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