X-Men: Avalon

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Costs: Free
Frequency: Twice a week
Email: jconahan@gmail.com
URL: https://avalon.lcnessie.nl/
URL: https://discord.gg/uq4KWHtV3P
Type: Superhero
Last-Update: 2022Dec16
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, modern, rpg


The world is changing in the most marvellous way, expanding beyond what we have known for so long. The year is 1992 and the world is trying to cope with the notion that mutants walk among us.

The Avalon Institute is established in the seclusion of a Scottish Loch, where gifted individuals are taught how to face this life. Not only through the regular curriculum but also facing the special challenges unique to fledgling mutants.

We are an 18+ or 2/1/3 rated game that prides itself on being a community that allows everyone to tell their characters' stories in a safe and inclusive environment. Players will take on the role of faculty working to prepare the students for the world out there as well as protecting the people of Europe against threats from both pro- and anti-mutant organisations.

Join the brave and passionate faculty today and impact the minds and hearts of tomorrow!

Plus many more! Site: https://avalon.lcnessie.nl Discord: https://discord.gg/uq4KWHtV3P


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