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Type: Superhero/Action-Adventure/Environmental Fiction
Last-Update: 2022Sep26
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, modern, rpg


In 2043, the United States of America has become an ecological utopia. The Constitution has been amended for America as a nation to protect the environment and to adopt environmentalist policies. American society has become ecologically sustainable. The capital of the United States has been moved to San Francisco. The American landscape has become open country with minicities to eliminate overcrowding connected by a high-speed train system. Private cars no longer exist. Cities and minicities are car-free.

American energy is provided by renewable energy. Americans don't own very much except the necessities. But a threat to the new ecologically-sustainable society has arisen.

Carlos the Jackal, the legendary twentieth-century terrorist, has been revived by a radical group of rebels through cryogenics. Carlos then goes on a rampaging spree of death and destruction.

To stop Carolos, an alien race visiting Earth revives a young Japanese-Canadian environmental activist and grants her extraordinary powers. The environmentalist becomes Guardian, an American superheroine. She immediately goes up against Carlos, being helped by a group of allies. Join the sim!

You can play as "Guardian" or as an ally of Guardian. To join email the GM at


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