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Costs: $5/month for unlimited web play; $10+/turn for mail
Frequency: Various
Type: space conquest 4X
Last-Update: 2022Aug22
Keywords: commercial, closed-ended, email, snail, www, computer, space, wargame, gui, economic


Galac-Tac is a 4X-style strategic game of galactic conquest that has been in active play since 1982. Players start with a single star on a large galaxy-wide map and must explore their surrounding stars for expansion possibilities and the presence of opponents. From your home system, you take over unoccupied stars and ship their resources home, or fight your opponents for their territory. Resources are used to construct ship types of your own custom designs and purposes, to be used in the overall conquest of the galaxy, including offense, defense, economics, empire expansion, and intelligence-gathering. Eliminate opponents by destroying their home system while protecting your own from them. The goal is to be the last remaining empire, or at least be the largest empire when the game time expires.

Galac-Tac is still a play-by-mail game design, and it is still available by mail, though it is now more often played directly on the web site for a lesser expense. A graphical Windows-based front end is available for download to make playing the game much more fun and easy, but plain-text turns and reports may be used directly if preferred. New galaxies (games) are created at the players' request with selectable turn delays, number of opponents, galactic density, and other such parameters. Any player may sign up to play in any such galaxy with its defined parameters, which will begin as soon as the minimum number of players have signed up. A web player may play in as many galaxies as he wishes at one time as part of his single monthly fee. Direct position-to-position anonymous communications are available for making informal alliances, threats, or just making conversation and new friends. An invented "persona" (such as an alien race or unusual culture) provides a lot of fun in communications and names within the game. Practice games against the computer are also available on the web site (included in the monthly fee) for trying out concepts, strategies, and ship designs.

So sign up to play, and ... Make New Friends! Make New Enemies!


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