Star Trek: Catalonia

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It's the dawn of the twenty-fifth century. The Federation continues its mission of peaceful exploration of the galaxy and establishing contact with other civilizations. But trouble is brewing.....

The Klingon-Federation Alliance has broken down and the Klingons, now under the leadership of a new Chancellor of the High Council, are once again on a path of conquest and warfare. The Borg have returned. The Romulan Star Empire has risen again under Empress Sela, the daughter of the alternate-timeline Tasha Yar from "Star Trek: The Next Generation". The Dominion has once again become a threat, as have the Gorn, the Orions, and the Tholians. A secessionist movement has come into existence on Bajor, now a member of the Federation. But there are positive developments as well. The Cardassians and the Ferengi have both allied themselves with the Federation, as have the newly reunited Sona and Baku and the Borg faction that have requested provisional membership in the Federation and are now the "Guardians of the Gates", or the new transwarp conduits established by the Borg. The Federation has also established contact with the Tamarians, the race that talks in metaphors.

And the quest of Romulan reunification with their Vulcan cousins continues under Saavik, but the Reunificationists are being hunted down by Empress Sela's forces. And a new starship, the USS Catalonia, is about to be plunged into these events.

During a call to aid a distressed Pakled ship, the USS Catalonia suffers a horrible accident. The ship loses its Captain, First Officer, Ship's Counselor, Ops Officer, and several other crew members. The Captain of the Pakled ship, a Pakled trader known throughout the quadrant as Jory Crane as his Pakled name isn't pronounceable, takes command of the Starfleet vessel and takes her to Starbase 405, where she is repaired. Admiral Kathryn Janeway is grateful to the Pakled trader for his heroism and offers him command of the Catalonia with the Field Commission of Captain. Captain Crane gracefully accepts and becomes the first Pakled to not only join Starfleet, but the first Pakled to command a Starfleet vessel as well.

The USS Catalonia is a new Sovereign-class starship that was launched prior to its accident while aiding the Pakled ship and its repairs. Like the USS Enterprise she also has a fabled history and her first captain, a woman named Captain Monica Storm, is legendary for saving the Federation from a crisis that spanned time and space in 2270.

Meanwhile, Major Kira Nerys has retired from the Bajoran Militia and a new Commander is about to take the helm aboard the former Cardassian space station known as Terok Nor and now a Federation Starbase as the Dominion rears its ugly head again. The story of the crew of Deep Space Nine and other characters are also covered here.

Join the crew of the USS Catalonia as she seeks out new life and new civilizations and boldly goes where no one gone before and defend the Federation from attack. This rpg will not only include current and canon Trek species, but past species and non-canon Trek species as well. Participants will also be allowed to use established characters if they wish, including Tasha Yar if we do any stories that take place in alternate timelines.

Available Positions:

1. First Officer 2. Ship's Counselor 3. Operations Officer 4. Chief Diplomatic Officer 5. Chief of Security 6. Conn Officer 7. Chief Engineer 8. Assistant Ship's Counselor 9. Assistant Operations Officer 10. Assistant Helmsman 11. Assistant Chief of Security 12. Assistant Conn Officer 13. Assistant Chief Engineer 14. Chief Medical Officer 15. Assistant Chief Medical Officer 16. Auxiliary Bridge Officer 17. Security Officer 18. Engineering Officer 19. Medical Officer 20. Emergency Medical Hologram 21. Bartender in Mess Hall 22. Klingon Chancellor 23. Member of the Klingon High Council 24. Klingon Character 25. Empress Sela 26. Romulan Character 27. Romulan Unificationist 28. Dominion Character 29. Gorn Character 30. Orion Character 31. Tholian Character 32. Bajoran Character 33. Bajoran Secessionist 34. Cardassian Character 35. Ferengi Character 36. Sona/Baku Character 37. Borg Guardians of the Gates 38. Reman Character 29. Tamarian Character 30. Deep Space Nine Character

To join: Contact the GM at A character sheet will be provided.


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